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About Tetanti 

Tetanti AgriBiotech Inc. was the first successful company spun out from the Taiwan Startup Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2018. The first round of funding raised 300 million TWDs by Diamond Biofund under Microbio Group, and Harvest Heaven (Hong Kong), Fubon Venture, Yi-Huan CORP and other investors. Tetanti was established in Taichung City, Taiwan, and set up a state-of-the-art enzyme manufacturing factory that also provides various business models for organic waste management services.
Tetanti's core TTT® technology is based on our targeted enzyme products, and with the combined use of machinery, organic wastes can be turned into organic fertilizers within 3 hours. Tetanti's founder Academician Dr. Chiu-Chung Young and our R&D group possess over 8,000 strains and 2,500 species of functional bacterial stock, and is the source of the various targeted enzymes. With the huge collection, we can custom-made the most suitable mixture of targeted enzymes, and this threshold allows us to stand out as the leader in the field of organic waste management.
TTT® technology is efficient and cost effective, it greatly improves the maturization process of organic matter over 100 folds and can reduce pollution and increase product safety. The production process solves the odor, waste water, large area demand and time-consuming problems that are normally associated with traditional composting.
Tetanti was awarded  "Taiwan's 10 Coolest Technology Innovation Team" in 2019 and was interviewed by Discovery Channel in 2020, entitled "
Taiwan Revealed: Agricultural Technology". Tetanti will  "Think Globally, Act Locally”, and we will stand firm in the circular economy trend. In response to the stringent environmental regulations and carbon emissions issues around the world, TTT® Technology will play an important key role in making agricultural sustainability no longer just a slogan!

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