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Academician Chiu-Chung Young, Ph.D. (Nantou County, Taiwan)

Academician Chiu-Chung Young g holds a Ph.D. in agronomy and soil science from the University of Hawaii, and was elected as an academician of the division of Life Sciences. Dr. Young has been teaching at the Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences of the National Chung Hsing University since 1980, and was once the Vice President. The current research directions include microbial fertilizers, organic waste treatment technology, the relationship between plants and soil fertilizers, and environmental biological remediation technology. Dr. Young present revolutionary environmental protection technology on the treatment of organic wastes. Organic wastes are stabilized and maturized within 3 hours. The traditional organic waste treatment can be converted into non-polluting treatment methods with no odor and pollution problem. This research was published in Nature 2007 Spotlight on Taiwan

Academician Chiu-Chung Young 


Ø  Soil environmental microorganisms and biochemistry

Ø  Biofertilizer and organic fertilizersPostdoctoral, Agricultural Biochemistry, University of Hawaii, USA

Ø  Soil fertilizers and crop relationship

Ø  Organic waste treatment technology


Ø  Ph.D., Agronomy and Soil Science, University of Hawaii, USA

Ø  Postdoctoral, Agricultural Biochemistry, University of Hawaii, USA

Ø  Master, Institute of Food Crops, National Chung Hsing University

Ø  Bachelor, Department of Botany, National Chung Hsing University

Current Positions

Ø  Academician, Division of Life Science, Academia Sinica

Ø  Chair Professor, Department of Soil & Environmental Science, National Chung Hsing University

Ø  Executive Director of Chinese Sustainable Agriculture Association

Ø  Supervisor of the Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Sciences

Ø  Director of Chinese Fertilizer Association

Ø  Supervisor of Agricultural Society of Taiwan


Ø  Total of 895 articles have been published in academic and agricultural promotion magazines internationally.


Ø  The Executive Yuan: Outstanding Achievement Award in Science and Technology, First Class Service Medal

Ø  Ministry of Education: National Chair(Lifetime Honor), Academic Award.

Ø  Ministry of Science and Technology (National Science Council): Outstanding Research Award (five consecutive times), Outstanding Special Research Fellow Award, Technology Transport Award, 50 Scientific Achievements, Academic Pioneer, Taiwan's 10 Coolest Technology Innovation Awards, Future Technology Breakthrough Awards

Ø  National Chung Hsing University: Distinguished Alumnus, Chair Professor, Distinguished Faculty of Life Sciences, Distinguished Faculty of Agronomy

Ø  The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society : Outstanding Achievement Award

Ø  Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment: 1st Lifetime Achievement Award on Environmental Science.

Ø  The Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Sciences "Academic Paper Award", Chinese Agricultural Chemical Society "Academic Honor Award"

Ø  Society Awards: The Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Sciences "Society Award", Agricultural Association of Taiwan "Agricultural Academic Award",

Ø  National Cheng Kung University Environmental Research Center 2nd International Environmental Biology Remediation Technology Contribution Award

Ø  The first special visiting scholar of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources of the University of Hawaii.


Ø  Vice President of National Chung HsingUniversity, Executive Director of the School Affairs Advisory Committee, Director of the "Department of Soil and Environmental Science"

Ø  Convener of "Agrochemical, Soil and Environmental Studies" and "Agricultural Environment Studies", Biology Division, Ministry of Science and Technology (National Science Council)

Ø  Chairman of The Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Sciences, Chairman of Chinese Sustainable Agriculture Association

Ø  National Chung Hsing University “Chairman of the Professor Association"

Ø  Environmental Inspection Institute of the Environmental Protection Administration "On-site Evaluation Expert"