Enzymes and equipments



Targeted enzyme
Tetanti's targeted enzymes are derived from our rich database of bacterial strains and enzymes. There are more than 8,000 bacterial strains and 2,500 species , which can provide customers with the most suitable enzyme combination for different organic materials. All the residues of animals, plants, microorganisms and the discharged organic matter can be quickly processed into solid organic fertilizers. The main types of enzyme reactants are as follows:


Depending on the daily amount of organic waste, we offer different types and specifications of processing equipment:

Batch type

Maximum daily
processing capacity
(MT)(8 times/day)
Machine dimensions
(mm)(L x W x H)
Machine weight
5,000 16 4634 x 1666 x 3000 4800 24/66
10,000 32 3600 x 1500 x 2030 8000 37.5/132
15,000 48 3600 x 2040 x 2420 9000 45/198

Continuous type