Technical service

ustomized technical advisory services

※ Actively solve and actively contact

Actively care about the customer's use situation, and solve the problems encountered by the customer.

※Quick handling, peace of mind

You can ask questions via e-mail, phone, website, etc., and the commissioner will contact you immediately.

※Professional consultation, customized service

The professional team analyzes and produces customized enzymes to solve your problems.

Process guidance-Upstream

According to the different properties and components of the customer's waste source , in addition to providing customized enzymes,  also adjusts the optimized production process for customers

Product optimization-Midstream

According to the different demands of customers, reacted product can be customized  into organic fertilizer suitable for different crops

Service : Provide organic fertilizer and complex fertilizer formula 
Fulfill : Demands of  soil and crops in different regions
Comply : Organic fertilizer management regulations of various countries

Application planning-Downstream

Service : Provide organic fertilizer application technology and essentials  
Fulfill : Demands of soil and crops in different regions
Goal: Increase  yield and quality of crops and profits