Success cases


Green waste treatment in National Chung Hsing University

In Nation ChungHsing University, we turn branches and leaves collected in the campus into soil conditioner with high organic matter content in 2 hours.

Fallen leaves treatment in Taichung City

The Environmental Protection Bureau of Taichung City use rapid treatment technology, which can quickly ferment the fallen leaves become organic soil  within 3 hours.
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Food waste treatment plant in Taoyuan

The plant is delegated by The Environmental Protection Bureau of Taoyuan City , it covers an area of 825 m2, manages 100 metric tons of food waste per day , and has been certified by the environment protection agency and is fully running from January of 2020.


The organic fertilizer factory  in Spain.


Food waste treatment plant in Macao

The environmental protection bureau of Macao use TTT® technology to management kitchen waste , produce organic fertilizer for plants in municipal greening and environmental protection infrastructure facilities